Great little find of a typical Okinawan Lunch Restaurant. These types of shops are the backbone of the Okinawa life for most people. As I sit here there is a steady flow of customers coming in and getting the delicious lunch boxers called bentos. They have a number of different combinations including a heaping stif-fry vegetable lunch with rice.

It is the brain child of 2 sisters who wanted to expand their thriving bento shop into a place to get something more. Their menu has flourished to include T-bone and Ribeye steak, stir-fried vegetable lunch, spaghetti and a staple of Okinawan meals, fish. They have mastered butter fried fish which is one of their main entree offers. They also have all the healthy and tasty local dishes you would expect, including Stir-fry with Fu. An unexpected but appreciated inclusion is Enchiladas and Tacos! It is now one of my favorite spots when I am in the area.

Suki, the older sister is quite fluent in English and acts as the store’s ambassador explain what each meal includes and often a brief history of each meals importance in the daily life of Okinawa, while Kiyoko, the shop owner, is skillfully cooking incoming orders, leaving the customer service and interchange to Suki. They seem to be a good balance and peace in the restaurant.

Located on a busy backroad it is very accessible to both Camp Foster and MCAS Futenma. The shop is very busy but is always ready to accept your group with a total of 24seats, 8 tables. It is a very neat and clean lunch destination.

Tacos from ¥600, Fried Shrimp and White Fish ¥800, 200g Steak T-Bone ¥2500 or Rib Eye ¥2300

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MONDAY – SUNDAY :  Coming Soon

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