Aeon Mall Gourmet World: Dessert King

You can find Dessert King on the 4th floor of Aeon Rycom’s Gourmet World. Take a right near Baskin Robbins, it’s the first place along the right hand side.

Sweet tooth? I have just the place for you: Dessert King. They specialise in crepes, a thin, delicious pancake. There’s an almost ridiculous selection available, so good luck choosing just one! They actually have a small savoury selection too, great if you aren’t a lover of sweets. I eventually settled on a crepe stuffed with chocolate brownie, strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Heavenly. The display has little plastic replicas of everything they do, plus an English menu is available. They also have a large selection of bubble tea, so if you aren’t peckish, you can always just stop by for a drink.

Price wise, great value. Depending on what you go for, it starts from as little as around 400 yen. The crepes are a good size, come stuffed to burst with ingredients, are cooked fresh, and taste great. What’s not to love? Share one with your significant other, friend or children, or be greedy and have it all to yourself! No judgment here!

Price: varies

Accepts: yen, credit card

Opening Hours

MONDAY – SUNDAY  10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Aeon Mall Gourmet World: Dessert King

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Aeon Mall Gourmet World: Dessert King