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Wing King

Wing King Chatan – Okinawa’s Best Wings! Every type of sauce you can think of on servings of wings from 6 to 60 piece platters. Not only wings but chicken, fish and pork chop sandwiches. #Okinawa #Wings #Spicy

Gyokusendo Cave

A friend once told me a way to tell between stalagmites & stalactites is that a stalagmite will try to climb to the top of the cave with all their “might” whilst a stalactite will hold on “tight” to prevent from falling; useful during our visit to Gyokusendo cave located inside Okinawa world theme park. #Nanjo #Okinawaworld #Caves

Parco City

Ready for a new shopping experience? San A’s “PARCO CITY” is here. New brands, new stores, new foods. #Parcocity #Urasoe #Okinawa


Overlooking the clear emerald blue waters of the ocean, enjoying fresh salad greens and bread dipped in buttered olive oil at the terrace of this restaurant, you can’t help but wonder what a majestic time to be alive. In Santorini? What? No, this is Posillipo! #Italian #Okinawa #Senaga #Airportview

Big Heart Steakhouse

Big heart steakhouse is a no nonsense, straight shooter, surf and turf kind of restaurant. The restaurant’s décor is typical with tables topped with tacky transparent plastic covers, wooden chairs, and tatami seating. For the food choices, you have the steak, or the steak, or… well, the steak! #Okinawa #Steak


Dilemma on what to eat? Whether you’re in the mood for yakiniku, shabu-shabu, sushi, or tempura, you’re in luck because this place has got’em all! Hana-Fu is one of two official restaurants of the EM Wellness Resort Costa Vista Okinawa located in Kitanakagusuku. #Okinawa #Japanesefood #EMCostavista

Fish Market Payao

Did you know that an average lobster can live roughly about 30 to 50 years? Well, certainly not here at the fish market! It’s too bad they are just so darn delicious. Here at Fish Market Payao, lobster is their specialty. #seafood #okinawa #lobster

Katsuren Castle

Time for some Okinawan history! Atop a hill made of Ryukyuan limestone, 322 ft above sea level, sits Katsuren Castle, a Chuzan era castle also known as the “Ocean Gusuku”- History with an amazing view! #ryukyu #castle #history #okinawa

Club Sega

Remember the days when someone mentioned the word SEGA they were talking about a game? Well, not anymore! Club SEGA, the closest you can come to a theme park here on island is a gigantic game center with a Japanese twist. #arcadegames #sega #americanvillage #okinawa #pokemon

Four Seasons

Four Seasons is a French-Italian cuisine restaurant with a remarkable view of the sea. The walls are almost non-existent facing the ocean side as the glass windows go from corner to corner. They have ala carte menu on a regular basis but their spot light of course is their lunch buffet.

Yakiniku Ganaha

Yakiniku Ganaha is located in Central Nago, right off route 58. A fancy but affordable restaurant that offers all-you-can-eat Yakiniku or lets you order from the menu. Whatever you feel like that day, Ganaha has it!

Running in Okinawa

Although mostly known for the season of holiday celebratory festivities, winter also marks the beginning of all sorts of running events in Okinawa. Known all over for being one of the most beautiful scenic running areas in Japan, this tiny island can pull an impressive amount of running enthusiasts from all over the world every year.

Bistro Luire

Bistro Luire is the place to go if you want some fine food in a beautiful setting. Located on the ocean in Maeda, Bistro Luire serves European fusion cuisine in a beautiful location.They use local Okinawan ingredients cooked in a European style. This is...

Ryukyu BBQ Blue at Kafuu Resort Fuchaku

Kafuu Resort Fuchaku’s Blue restaurant is an East Asian cuisine lovers delight. Sitting on the top floor of their annex building, and with panoramic views of the ocean, it’s the perfect spot to catch a view and a meal.Blue opens its doors to patrons three...

Ikinari Steak

In the eyes of beef connoisseurs, Okinawa has always seemed to be overlooked when it comes to good quality beef. There are of course the very well-known certified Angus and Kobe Wagyu beef but hey, Okinawa should at least be acknowledged for its Ishigaki beef right?...

Total Okinawa April 2019 Magazine

The latest issue of the Total Okinawa magazine is available now. This issue we feature souvenirs from Okinawa; what must you take back home from your visit to Okinawa? We've also got reviews of some unique Okinawa cafes; Cafe Ukulele and Ken's Beachfront Cafe. If...

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