Sushi at HamazushiDespite having 66 tables, Hamazushi on 58 gets crowded fast, and you have to get there even before they open at 11 or else wait a while for a table. Hamazushi, the newest sushi-go-round restaurant in Chatan, is extremely popular, and here’s why: it’s a great value, there are lots of menu items to choose from, and it caters to both Japanese- and English-speaking customers. Knowing a few tips will make your first experience go smoothly.

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Nepal Spice Kitchen – Kasthamandap Curry House

Nepal Curry SetAfter several recommendations from friends, we decided to check out Nepal Spice Kitchen – Kasthamandap Curry House at its Chatan location, to see what the fuss was about. There’s also a location in Urasoe. Just a block from Camp Foster’s commissary gate, Kasthamandap houses about nine tables covered with bright tapestries, and is decorated with murals, chandaliers, and punched metal wall hangings. Continue Reading…

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Summer Diving

Red CoralSummer is finally here!  The rainy season will be wrapping up by mid-June and then we get into the calm seas and warm waters of summer,  the perfect time to get certified or add to those dive numbers.  Reef Encounters Dive Center is here to help you out with both of those issues.  Our team of instructors has expanded and we are now offering instruction in English, Japanese and Chinese along with a few more languages coming soon.   Continue Reading…

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Time to Escape?

Departure lounge at Naha International AirportThinking of a trip out of Okinawa? We’ve rounded up the latest travel news and tips.
Now that the new international terminal is open, flying internationally from Naha is now a much more pleasant experience.  There’s also a wider choice than ever, with more low cost airlines including Vanilla Air and for the first time low cost airline international flights (Peach Air serving Taipei from Naha). Continue Reading…

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Yaedake Bakery

Yaedake BakeryFreshly baked REAL bread on a mountain!

If you’re committed to eating healthily while in Okinawa or maybe that New Years’ resolution is still holding firm, then finding good quality food with known ingredients can be something of a challenge in Okinawa. There’s a lot of tasty food on the island, but knowing what you are eating and making informed decisions can be hard.

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Explore the North

Explore the North ArticleSpringtime in Okinawa provides plenty of temperate weather, perfect for getting outside and exploring.  The northern side of Okinawa offers much to see and do, from outdoor parks to cute cafés and restaurants.  Check out our list of favorite places to visit on the northside, including must-see tourist spots and off-the-beaten-path places to tell your friends about.

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Fuu Cafe

Natural organic cafe nestled on Sesoko Island

Fuu Cafe GardenAlthough not a patch on the pace of life on the mainland and back home, sometimes central Okinawa can get a bit overwhelming, the crush of 58 during rush hour and seemingly more and more concrete buildings every day. If this sounds familiar then taking a trip up North may be the answer, where the scenery rapidly changes and once you get past Nago the traffic eases off.

Nestled amongst the greenery on the tiny island of Sesoko with a population of only around 900 people is the delightful Fuu Cafe. It prides itself on it’s natural organic ingredients used in the menu with many items coming directly from the garden next to the cafe. It’s simply decorated inside with lots of wood, a veranda outside and a large garden with parasols and a children’s play area.

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Quick Trip: Kyoto

Japan’s old capital city merges urban modernity and traditional beauty

GeishaTraveling from Okinawa to Kyoto has become more affordabe than ever, thanks to Peach Airlines. You can easily find round trip tickets to Kansai Airport in Osaka, the closest international airport to Osaka, for less than ¥10,000. Sign up for their email alerts, and you’ll find that prices can dip as low as ¥2,000, one-way.

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Kramp Coffee

Kramp Coffee StaffEnjoy coffee and more in a relaxed setting in Awase.

When life gets busy, sometimes it’s important to set aside time to disengage and re-center. Finding calm amid the chaos of working daily, raising children and pursuing our goals is certainly no easy task, but having the right atmosphere and good vibes can certainly be a good start. Kramp Coffee store in Awase is one of the few places in Okinawa that can be said to have both of these features, in addition to great food and excellent service.

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Okinawa Life Coaching

Okinawa Life Coaching private and confidential life coaching to help with many of life's challenges. They have monthly plans available as well as an interpreter for Japanese speakers. View the cards below for more info or visit their website using the buttons below.

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